Be Yourself  - One way to be seen among the crowd

Be Yourself  - One way to be seen among the crowd
Life’s most important goals are peace of mind and personal tranquillity.

Why is it important to be yourself? –Key differentiators that will help you leave a mark in the crowd

 Life’s most important goals are peace of mind and personal tranquillity. Yet, these tend to get very hard to attain especially if you are trying to live by someone else’s rules. This is the reason why you ought to be yourself and do exactly what you love. If you go by this rule, you can be assured of a very liberating and fulfilling life. The very fact that most people continue to adhere to rules and regulationjust about every day of their lives makes it all the more special to see someone stand out and simply ignore the standards that are set out by society at large. A true sense of insight comes through which proves that such a person is a leader and defines an elite style of living. There are people who find it really easy to mould themselves in accordance to what is regarded as the most acceptable thing to do. As a result of which theytend to follow the treaded path. There are few true visionaries who keep off from the beaten path and embrace their own individuality. In order to be truly yourself, you must develop a thick skin and grow a backbone. There’s nobody around who knows what actually makes you happy other than you yourself. This happens to be one quintessential aspect to realize because you will never be able please yourself if you are constantly trying to please the people around you. It is time, you stand up for what you truly believe in and show the world what really makes you unique.


 Enjoy things that make you, YOU

Let’s just say, you are someone who likes being around water – maybe an ocean or a beach. What if for a little monetary gain, a secured job, you move miles away from your desired location.? Will you be happy? Or how can you even expect yourself to be happy? Take an example of any of those influential entrepreneurs and you’ll know that each of them rely exclusively on their passion to bring in success and joy. They know and understand that just because everyone else is acting in a certain manner doesn’t mean that they have to do that as well. Big or small, good or bad, enjoy anything and everything that makes you, YOU! When you do that you will get the attention and admiration that many conformists crave for. Having the courage to show the world around how different you are, is something that really garners respect. You really don’t have to do what others are doing just to be accepted by them. Be accepted for who you are and what you truly believe in! There will be people who’ll try to look down on you. You know what is it that really upsets them? It is their own failure to make you adjust in accordance to their demands. Apart from this, many are already miserable because they lack the very strength to put forth their individuality in front of the world. When you be yourself, you know what you want in life and you do things that are truly important to your being.

How being yourself is like being in love?

Think about the moment you fell in love, it could be to a special person, a thing that you enjoy eating, your hobby or your work. Imagine that feeling. Doesn’t it seem like that the entire universe is in sync with you and your feelings? It is only you, who knows yourself, really well. And when you begin doing what you love, people around see the change in you. This also has another benefit. You will know how many people do not appreciate your individuality or your life’s most precious choices. It really doesn’t matter what others think of you. People will think of you as crazy when you put your soul on display. Always remember, as long as you are enjoying what you are doing, everything shall fall in place, eventually

What to do to make people remember you, always?

So, now how do you ensure that people remember you? How can you make a lasting, solid impression on others? What makes you different? How can you stand apart from the crowd? You know what? A massive difference is never required rather all you need is a noticeable difference. Often it is the simplest differentiation that can be the key to bringing forth your own brilliance. So, what are these differentiators that are so important? Let’s find out!

Be Yourself – Some Key Differentiators


To make your own mark and stand out from the crowd the first and the foremost thing that’s important is being positive. Only an upbeat professional is able to stand out from the crowd. No matter what your workday has in store for you, it is quintessential to stay upbeat and confident. People usually enjoy working with other people who are constructive, encouraging and pleasant rather than those that are rude, destructing and complaining.


Secondly make sure that you are friendly, with everyone. It is important for others to know you and see through your personality. Build trust and relationship with people who really matter. Ensure that you are easily approachable. Engage people and let them know you have a genuine interest in their lives, their passion and their thoughts. Find a guide or a mentor who can give you a better understanding of people. Make sure that the person you regard as your mentor is knowledgeable and can be a huge resource to help you develop relationships and contacts with others who are far more successful than you.


There are people who are very competent yet lack the professional and effective communication skills. It is therefore important for you to pay careful attention on how you express yourself in front of others. You have to be good not only in formal written conversations but also in your phone conversations, e mail conversations as well as face to face chatting sessions. Show respect to the listener and be confident in what you say. More so, you should learn to be a good listener too. Maintain a thorough eye contact and try to understand and absorb what people around you are saying. A respectful and an attentive listener is always a rare commodity. Possessing stellar communication habits take you a long way in being you.


Involvement and dedication always helps you stand out from the rest. Make sure that you are always a little more prepared than everyone else in your team. Be punctual with your resources and keep your homework up to date. Always show up on time and seem ready for work. Any one who is actively engaged in the work process is sure to make a significant contribution to the team. When the contribution is significant, you are never going to be ignored. Be a good volunteer. You can volunteer to contribute beyond the work that is mandatory for you to do.

Think Creatively

Never be afraid to express your creativity. Seeking new and innovative solutions is always a great thing to do. Always ask questions that are useful and intelligent. Ask questions that are important but no one is already asking them. It is sometimes not the answers you give that’s important but rather your insightful questions that make a significant difference. This will let the others know that you possess the skill, passion and creativity to think, ‘out of the box.’ Use your creativity and skill in a manner that benefits your entire team.


Results always speak louder than your words. People have a tendency to pay more attention to what you say rather than what you do. What is it that you can do exceedingly well? Can you get any better at it? Work hard to be that go-to person whenever there is a task that needs skill, creativity and knowledge. You don’t have to possess skill or creativity that is complicated or odd rather possess the skill that is simple but often required. Get some perfection in this skill so that the people around know that no matter what, you’ll do better than others. Also, don’t hesitate to blow your trumpet once in a while. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with telling the world that you have achieved something significant. Don’t come across as rude or annoying. 


Lastly, the key is to decide and know what’s different about you. You must learn to capitalize on it. Pay attention to the things that are special about you. Be interesting and creative. Be unique and memorable. Be reliable and professional. Show the world what’s different about you. It is your specialness that will help you get noticed.

Final Say

Hopefully, with the suggestions listed above you’ll be able to be yourself and stand out from the rest. 

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