Career in SSC: Selecting the Correct Coaching Institute

Career in SSC: Selecting the Correct Coaching Institute
Career in SSC: Selecting the Correct Coaching Institute

      Career in SSC: Selecting the Correct Coaching Institute

SSC exam is managed and conducted by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) in India. Every year a large number of candidates sit for this examination with an aim to get recruited in government run offices. It is indeed one of the biggest exams to be organized for graduate students. Aspirants who clear this exam get to join for various posts in the ministries managed under the government of India as well as subordinate offices.

Career after one clears SSC Exam

Candidates who clear the SSC exam a lucrative career awaits with a golden garland. According to the statistics of 2013, around 12 lakh candidates took the exam for a job slot of 20,000 posts. It directly points out that the competition is very high. Once you clear the SSC exam, depending on the post for which you have applied for, it would lead you to the career ladder. It is important to note that, some of the posts are very sought after due to high salary and the power which is offered in government organizations.
Also, while filing up the application, the preference for a post will be taken as a final option and any request for a change of post would not be entertained afterwards. Some of the posts which you can

apply for are:

Assistant in Central Vigilance Commission, Ministry of Railway, Intelligence Bureau Group, AFHQ Group, Ministry of External Affairs, Other Ministries/ Departments/Organizations.
Inspector of Income, Tax CBDT
Inspector (Preventive Officer) CBEC
Inspector (Central Excise) CBEC
Assistant Enforcement Officer, Directorate of Enforcement, Department of Revenue
Inspector (Examiner) CBEC
Sub Inspectors, Central Bureau of Investigation
Divisional Accountant, Offices under CAG
Inspector of Posts, Department of Post
Statistical Investigator, Gr.II M/Statistics & Prog Implementation
Divisional Accountant, Offices under CAG
Auditor, Offices under C&AG
Inspector, Central Bureau of Narcotics Group B

Need for Coaching Institute

People who have already set their goals in life need to prepare a systematic order for their higher studies. Candidates who are willing to sit for their SSC exam after graduation should start working on different study aspects beforehand. There are numerous fruitful opportunities in government and semi-government sectors which can offer you a secure career. You might gather study material and manage your time for studying at home, but without proper guidance there are chances of lacking behind. A SSC coaching institute can help in making your dreams turn into reality. How to find a good coaching institute for SSC? There are several aspects which needs to be considered before you actually enroll in any of the institutes. Here are some features related to a successful coaching institute which can offer you the right direction for your preparation.
A reputable SSC and bank coaching center should be a licensed and most probably an ISO certified organization. You should check the criteria before you register with any of these institutions. Moreover, check the number of competitive examinations which are covered by the institute. An experienced institute can go beyond SSC, bank etc. The more the number of exam classes, the larger and efficient faculty.
The key to preparing students for tough competitive examinations is through the use of simple and expert techniques which could be grasped by everyone. It is sensible to sit in few of the bank coaching classes and analyze the teaching methods of the faculty. If the teacher is able to simplify the course material, count it as a sign that it can prove as a right coaching center for your preparation.
Do not forget to check the history and growth of the coaching institute. Select a center which has grown over the years to establish its name and produce a generation of prosperous students. It surely offers a positive sign that the center has mastered the curriculum and are familiar with the changes which take place on a yearly basis. Another aspect is that, the environment must be comfortable and friendly. Seek encouraging discussions and questioning which makes you capable.
Do analyze the teaching faculty at the SSC coaching center. Check out their experience and qualifications. Also check it they have developed their own personal techniques and tricks to guide the students. Increasing the speed of the students to attempt maximum number of questions is a key factor in enhancing the success rate. Do find out that the faculty delivers such helpful methods to the students.
One of the prime features of a good SSC coaching institute is that, each subject must have its own expert. Avoid coaching centers which utilize a single teacher to handle different subjects. Such a practice will affect the quality of coaching which is offered to the students. Also, check if the faculty is dedicated to its cause or they are simply teaching for the sake of it.
Do focus on the above mentioned factors before you actually enter a coaching institute. Always seek the guidance of friends, family and counsellors before starting your preparation for SSC exam. 

Practice is the Key

Practice makes a man perfect, which is actually quite true. There is no examination which can be cleared without giving dedicated time & effort. If you wish to clear your SSC exam, apart from enrolling into a good coaching institute, one needs to plan a smart time schedule during which he/she can focus on the different question types which are offered in the examination. 

The Final Word

One can gather different mock test as well as practice questions from the internet. The candidates can tune their preparations quite efficiently through these mock tests. Moreover, these practice papers are quite beneficial in keeping your time window under check. Prepare personal notes and preserve them for revision right before the actual exam day. Also, it is important that you plan out proper breaks. Stressing the mind too much right after coaching and at-home practice might fuse your head. Be selective with your time so that you can sneak out moments of relaxation. SSC exam is not that cruel if you are correct in your approach. Build your own path which will surely lead you to success.



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