Dealing with Board Exam Failure

Dealing with Board Exam Failure
Dealing with Board Exam Failure

                    Dealing with Board Exam Failure

CBSE board exams are the building blocks in the career of many students present in India. These exams are required for helping a candidate move towards the path of success. However, there are numerous cases where the students have failed to succeed in these exams. Board exam failure isn’t easy to cope and might lead you to a state of depression. Here are some important tips in order to get over the scares of failure:

Weigh Failure

Instead of feeling miserable after failing in the exam, one must actually weigh its intensity. Analyze your upcoming efforts in order to reappear for the exams. Also, check how much confident you feel before starting the preparation again. Make sure you gauge the outcome of the exam failure in a sensible manner so as to overcome the emotional pain.

Read Self Help Books

Reading self-help books are quite helpful in situations when you feel like giving up. These books are a good source of restoring a positive state of mind. If you feel that rush of positive thoughts only then you can work to perform productive tasks on a daily basis. 

Avoid Comparing

Most students end up comparing themselves with other people. This practice of drawing comparisons is not at all good. Suppose your friends have managed to clear an entrance exam or scored really well in a particular examination; try not to compare your life with others. You are a unique individual with unique dreams, talents and interests. Don’t let these small failure in examinations hamper your will to succeed in the next attempt. 


One shouldn’t lock themselves in a room without interacting with the outside world. Many students prefer avoiding contact with friends and family for several weeks in order to dodge discussions related to exam results or future plans. A state of seclusion only increases the misery of a person to deal with exam failure. Try to move out of the house and hang around with friends or meet your relatives. Make sure you don’t feel ashamed of telling others that you haven’t cleared the exams. Be straight in the head to define your future through your efforts and not my past experiences. 

Interact With a Senior

A senior student who has already given the CBSE board exam can surely help to guide you in a perfect manner. It doesn’t matter if the senior has passed or failed the examination, he or she can definitely tell you about the others who faltered but finally succeeded. Be verbal with the senior in order to share all your worries and concerns. 

Tricks to Succeed in Board Exams

The Central Board of Secondary Education is one of the oldest and most famous education board in India. The CBSE board is wrapped in an unconventional manner, since it stresses on using unconventional teaching methods. CBSE exams are conducted annually in different schools which are granted a proper affiliation. If you are about to sit for your board exams, then make sure your practice is hundred percent intact. In order to help you perform impeccably in the exams, here are three useful tips which must be followed. 

Understand the exam pattern

Every student must build a deep understanding about the syllabus. Once this is achieved, the focus should directly shift to the exam pattern. Always remember that the exam pattern for CBSE is fixed by the board depending on the curriculum. Also, the exam is divided into two parts, that is, theory and practical. Each paper usually consists of 100 marks which needs to be completed in a time period of 3 hours. Keep a note that, you need to score a minimum of 33% in both practical as well as theory in order to pass the exam. 

Correct Approach

Taking a right approach is quite crucial for a student to succeed in the board exams. You need to build a positive and calm mind while sitting to study. The correct approach will need you to offer an ample amount of time for each subject. Also, try to maintain a good pace and set a direction for your study routine. Do not skip taking breaks so as to get refreshed and allow your brain for another session of focused learning.

Study Process

Do you follow a systematic study process? If not, then try to build one which would simplify your preparation for board exams. Do not mug up everything which is mentioned in the books. Instead, work to read carefully with supreme concentration for understanding the concept which would help you to retain the details for a longer time. Also, if you reach a stage when your focus can no longer be maintained, try opting for a different subject. 

Health Tips

At last, you must consider eating healthy which is quite essential during exams. Also, make sure to get enough sleep for keeping your mind fresh for the next day. You can even indulge yourself in physical activities such as walking, jogging, swimming etc. 

Internet Study Packages

The internet has grown as the primary source of all types of study material. If you are trying to learn a particular subject in a patient manner, then consider purchasing CBSE CD study packages online for learning more deep about that subject or topic.
Also, there are different CBSE educational sites from where you can acquire sample test papers along with a variety of testing material which would help you to refine your examination confidence and speed.
Exam failure is a part of a student life which should be taken positively. If you are trying to cope up with any such failure, try to consult an elder or probably a counsellor. These people would help you in relieving your stress or anxiety in a very peaceful manner. Do not hesitate to seek the help from your classmates in terms of gathering notes, books or other study material. Your success and failure is in your hands, so build a confident head for successfully chasing victory.


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