Difference between government and private sector job

Difference between government and private sector job
Difference between government and private sector job

      Difference between government and private sector job

Government and private sector jobs have their own advantages and disadvantages. Many wonder which job will be more beneficial to them and promises to secure their future. We have discussed some important factors that will help you evaluate whether a private job is better or a government job. 

Work shift

Government job - If you are a government employee then you have a major advantage over private sector as far as working hours are concerned. They have fixed standard shift. Employees do not work beyond their given time frame no matter how heavy the work load is.

Private job - Working hours in a private sector job is not as flexible as government sector. One has to work over time if the workload demands so. Also, there is no guarantee whether an employee will receive any incentive or benefits for working overtime.

Word: In terms of working hours, government job leads ahead of private one as it is more flexible and fixed in nature which will ensure a better work life balance for you.

Salary slip

Government job - Salary is one of the most determining factor for an employee while selecting a job. The pay structure for a government employee is based on 6th pay commission. Due to the introduction of 6th pay commission, employees receive a good amount of salary which is either equivalent to or sometimes even higher than the private sector jobs.

Private job - In private sector, salary of an employee is based upon his performance and skills. It can be increased or deducted based on how profitable he or she is to the company. This makes it difficult for employees to maintain a fixed salary. Also the starting package of employees in a private firm is pretty low. 

Word: If we talk about salary, then it is clear that government employees receive better pay cheques as compared to private sector. It is because of the fact that government employees get monthly and yearly allowances. Also, their salary is neither depended on performance nor on skills, it remains fixed irrespective of both the factors.

Job security

Government job - Once you have earned a government job, no matter how high the inflation rate is or how bad the recession is, your job is safe and secured. Layoffs are rarely experienced in the government sector which gives the employees a sense of job security. This is one of the major reasons why people love government jobs.

Private sector - An employee working with a private firm always fears the security of her job. As private sector is more prone to layoffs in times of recession which affects the profit of the company directly, a company is forced to lay off its employees.

Word: It is easy to assume that government job is more safe and secure even at difficult times as compared to private jobs. 


Government job - Getting promoted in a government job is no easy task. An employee has to have patience in public sector services as promotion doesn't happen overnight and neither are they based on performance. The promotion is based on the service period of an employee. So for an above average employee, it's a big disadvantage working as a government employee.

Private job - The chances are pretty much high in private sector to earn a promotion at an early stage of the job. In a private firm, promotion is granted to those who perform well in achieving targets. Being a profitable and valuable asset to an organization will improve your chances of holding higher post in the organization.

Word: Private sector job leads in promotion category. The performance and skill based promotion policy in private sector job allows an above average employee to secure a better position in the organization.

Stress level

Government sector - There is no hidden truth that the stress level in a government job is quite little. Even if the workload in a government job is high but with longer time frame to complete the work enables the employees to manage and finish off the work without much stress.

Private job - Private sector jobs on the other hand can get quite tiring as well as frustrating. It is because the employees have high workload and shorter deadline. This increases their stress level and thus create disturbances even in their personal life.

Word: Stress levels plays a major role in determining the employee’s job satisfaction. Government job is comparatively more peaceful and manageable. Due to high workload and difficulty in meeting the deadline, private sector jobs couldn't beat government jobs where stress levels are concerned.


Government job - What people love about a government job is that with good salary, low stress level, and job security comes high number of holidays. Not only they have 5 days’ work week advantage but they also get some paid holidays in a year. Government, sometimes give an employee short vacation so as to motivate them to work with more efficiency once back to the office.

Private sector job - The employees have a stressful life due to high workload and they are also not awarded enough holidays to deal with their pressure. They hardly have any holidays in their hands apart from the normal ones that can be used to spend time with the family.

Word: Holidays are a very important factor to improve an employee's efficiency at work. Not only does it help an employee to deal with stress but also allows them to concentrate on other factors of their life which are quite important. Government does everything they could to keep employees motivated and stress free by granting them good numbers of holidays unlike private sector jobs.

Final Say

After taking some of the most important points into consideration, government job is much more beneficial than a private job if all the above factors are important to you. So if you are looking for a long term peaceful job with high gains and low investment then go for government jobs.

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