Difficulties Pilots have to face in their career

 Difficulties Pilots have to face in their career
Difficulties Pilots have to face in their career

            Difficulties Pilots have to face in their career

Taking up a pilot course and considering it as a professional career seems like a dream job. Who would not love to fly across the world and see many amazing countries. Though it is considered as a cool job but there are lot of hurdles a pilot has to face. A pilot’s job is not an easy task. One has to overcome a lot of hardships to have a successful career. If you are considering a career as a pilot, below are a few difficulties a pilot faces throughout his professional career.

Low wages

Pilots are not paid like any other hourly workers from different professions. Despite of working for more than nearly 12 hours, they are often paid very less. Some of the senior officers are paid according to their position and it can be high but you would need to have a lot of experience before you reach a top position. The salary also depends upon the airlines you work for. Thus, if you think that simply getting a pilot's job will get you loads of money, this is not probably true. 

No family time

Due to long hours of working, they hardly get time to spend with their family. Most of the pilot nearly work for 12-15 days at once. Most of the time they are at outstations and usually far off from their homes. At times, it may also be in another country if they work in cross border flights. If they get back to back assignments with no time in between, they are likely to stay away for weeks from their family and home. People who are not accustomed to staying away from their family will have a hard time doing the job of a pilot. 

Lack of holidays

Most of the work for pilots takes place during holidays. When your family plans for a perfect family vacation, you're in a plane doing your duty. With lack of holidays, one often misses the fun being with the family or attending any family vacation. This can also take a toll on your personal endeavors. Although you might get to visit a lot of countries, you will not like enjoying alone if your family isn’t with you. 

Flight delays

Even pilots hate delays of flights as much as we do. Firstly, if there is a delay in flight you tend to reach your destination late and there will be less time to spend or explore the place. Secondly, pilots are paid according to their actual flight hours. So delay in flight means they're getting paid comparatively less. Also, it ruins their complete schedule because of a delay in a particular flight. In case you have another flight in your schedule that is shortly after the first flight, chances are your whole day's schedule is ruined.

Most of their time is spent in crash pads

The place where the pilots stay during their travel or flights is known as crash pads. If there are subsequent flights without much or minimal time gap, the pilots need to stay at crash pads. But you are not alone or get to stay at a luxurious hotel. There will be many more pilots like you in the crash pad and you will have a bed for yourself. For professionals like pilots, there must be proper arrangements for them to stay as they need to be extremely focused and in a right mindset while handling the aircraft. 

A loose community

As passengers when we see pilots and first officers together we feel that they have known each other for quite a while now. But the fact is there are high chances that they are meeting for the first time. There are various pilots and they don't know every other pilot. Thus the community is very loose and not everyone knows each other. Most of the pilots are together for the flight together and then they don't meet the other person for the rest of their lives. 

Limit on Alcohol

People of other professions have no such restrictions but pilots have a responsibility to carry a few hundred passengers every day through mid air. They can't be irresponsible and be under the influence of alcohol while or before they take a flight. No matter which country they visit or the amount of famous alcohol they have access to, they need to be in control. Moreover, there are Breathalyzer checks at the gate which if detected positive can be a huge problem for you. 

Free flights are not as fascinating as they sound

Every pilot gets free flights for as many times as he wants. But most pilots are already very tired by being on the flights for most of their time. Thus, when they get free flights during their off time, they don't make the most of it. Even if a pilot wants to avail his free flights, he would have to wait for a flight to have empty seats and only then go ahead with their vacation or outing. If the ticket was actually confirmed for pilots, the scenario would be different. 

Flying can be boring at times

Although it definitely is one of the most interesting jobs to have but during long haul flights, it can get really boring. There is no means of entertainment inside the cockpit and pilots usually get bored while on their flight. Passengers can have a nice time reading or watching their favourite movie on a long flight. But this is not the case with pilots who barely have any reading or watching materials inside the cockpit. 

Final Say

No matter how interesting a profession seems, there are various difficulties that individuals in that profession have to face. When it comes to pilots, their professional lives are not as easy or happening as it looks. A lot of things are going on behind the scenes and we are not aware about all of them. If you are looking ahead to pursue your career as a pilot, make sure you are aware of all these difficulties.




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