Does fear play a role in the success of an individual?

Does fear play a role in the success of an individual?
Does fear play a role in the success of an individual?

        Does fear play a role in the success of an individual?

In most of the societies and in our education systems, fear is thought of as something negative and a feeling that can rupture us. As counter intuitive as it may sound but fear has a huge role to play in our success. At times, fear becomes necessary to succeed in life. The only thing that matters is how you channel it to create value for yourself as well as others. The most positive thing about all the negative things is that they can be used as a motivator to achieve things that we want. For an opportunist, nothing is impossible and they see an opportunity in every problem. In a similar way, fear also gives you a lot of advantages if you use it in a right way. Let's see how can fear help you win big in life and become successful.

Pushes you beyond your limits

One of the best things that fear does is to push you beyond your limits. We all have limitations in our minds which we think cannot be crossed. However, when fear comes into play, there are no limitations or bounds inside yourself. Consider that you fear dogs and you are being chased by one, you run faster than you have ever ran in your life just because your fear is literally chasing you. You must have never thought about running this fast but eventually you did because of fear.

Opens up a new dimension

We are made up of hidden dimensions within us and each new experience opens up such dimensions within ourselves which makes us a better person. When you fear something and decide to overcome it, this will open up a whole new dimension of your personality. You will have more confidence, believe more in yourself and think of things which you didn’t know existed before. Fear is quite influential in unraveling your personality and showing you a newer version of yourself.

Natural tendency to succeed

When you face your fear, the natural tendency that we humans are born with is to succeed. Nobody wants to fail when they are facing their fear. It is also the same mechanism at work when you are in a competitive environment. When you are pitted against an opposite force, the basic tendency is to beat it and succeed. This natural behavior works on our side whenever we face our fears. It is also something which guides us to do better as our mindset is set on success. However, this tendency can be ruined if you feel that you might fail.

Only works if channeled effectively

We all need to accept that no matter how influential fear in success is, it is a negative emotion. To make the best out of it, we need to channel it effectively so that it benefits us. To make the most out of it, you must constantly put efforts to channel your fear into something that drives you to achieve your goals. This is not as easy as it sounds but once mastered, you will be courageous and brave for the rest of your life where you don't fear your fears.

Instinctive motivation

When you start fearing something, there is an instinctive motivation to do something to tackle it. You are motivated to take action and this is what fear does the best, it wants you to find solutions to overcome it. It makes sure that you are constantly motivated to take steps towards your goals and never stop in between. For people who want to get things done, this is the best motivation they can ask for. Also, fear is completely internal so you won't have to rely on external sources just to find motivation.

Constant alertness and presence of mind

You are in an active mindset when something is bothering you or when fear lingers over your head. Your presence of mind is at its peak when you are fearful. Rest of the times, we can get lethargic and fall into procrastination. But when you fear something, you believe that it can harm you in someway. Thus, you find ways to protect yourself and in doing that, you think actively to succeed in your tasks as well. You can also equate fear with failure which will motivate you more to succeed.

Everyone feels fearful

To feel comfortable about fear, you need to believe that everyone feels fearful at some points in their lives. No matter how good we are at hiding it, we all know the fact that we fear a lot of things in our lives. We overcome some of them eventually while the others exist as long as we do. It is completely natural for humans to fear because we have evolved this way. It would harm us more if we didn't fear anything. Our decisions would be haphazard and dangerous if we didn't possess fear.

Don't avoid or ignore it

The worst thing that you can do to your fear is to avoid or ignore it. Although it might seem as the right thing to do but this is not a solution to overcome it. When you avoid it, your fear will haunt you again in the future whenever such a situation comes back. Thus, you need to go heads on and think about how you can overcome the fear to become a better version of yourself. This will need a lot of effort and not everyone is capable of it but once you do it, nothing can stop you.

Do things that scare you

Most of the successful people will advise you to do things that scare you. When you do something that fears you, you no longer continue to fear it. Many people don't actually fear the actual thing but rather fear the very idea of it. When they pursue or do it, they no longer feel fearful about that particular thing because it was actually very simple.

Final Say

Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that fear does play a huge role in one's success and we all must embrace it to fully in order to reach our potential.



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