Effective Career Options for Ex-Servicemen Post Defence Tenure

Effective Career Options for Ex-Servicemen Post Defence Tenure
Effective Career Options for Ex-Servicemen Post Defence Tenure

      Effective Career Options for Ex-Servicemen Post Defence      Tenure

Every nation manages a huge workforce which is assigned with the task to protect & safeguard the public. As we send men and women to guard the values that we believe in, these men & women carry the nation's flag in pride and even let go all their freedom back home to endeavor into sometimes violent territories. However, after serving the country faithfully it is sad that such individuals come home to an economy which does not greet them. The economy considers them as burdens because they are anxious to find jobs; some of them even suffer from effects of staying in battlefields such as post-traumatic stress disorder. A nation should change its attitudes towards military veterans/ex-servicemen by ensuring enough careers for their survival.

Job Requirement for Military Veterans

Many people usually have the misconception that the only job that a military veteran can take up has to do with security. Though, a career in security is an option, there are several other careers which military veterans can successfully accept. It is important to note that, the military has some of the best brains from the nation. One of the strong proofs for this fact is that, the internet was first developed by the American military. The military connects in all kinds of expert undertakings which require professionals such as engineers, project managers, IT professionals, administrators, doctors, pilots, nurses and even lawyers. The military ensures that it successfully trains servicemen to be professionals in specific fields depending on their respective talents. In spirit of this fact, after these people leave the military they would hold onto a lot of options by taking advantage of their experience.
Life of a defence professional is something interesting and due to the level of risk involved, only a few people gather the courage to join the sector. Also, these individuals take pleasure in serving the nation for several years. After having served the nation for many years, ex-servicemen do look for jobs to keep themselves go on to continue their service for the nation in some form or another.
Presently, in India, special importance is given for ex-servicemen candidates in different private and government job openings. This is a wonderful initiative to help out the nation’s servants to proceed with a decent life after the completion of their Defence service. Currently, there are many employment opportunities available in India for such professionals.
Earlier, people hardly thought about working after retirement, but in today’s world, most of the people desire to earn something even after their official service age is completed. Ex-servicemen look for some ways to keep themselves linked to the nation and that is the primary reason they look for employment opportunities post their defence tenure.

Career Options for Ex-Servicemen

Facility/ HR Manager in Private Sector

It is interesting to know that, several managerial positions in the corporate sector are tailor-made for ex-servicemen. The leadership qualities and expertise in handling military troops, when the individuals were serving for the nation can be utilized in these positions offered in corporate sector. Generally, the corporate world is highly aware that leadership qualities or team leading ability comes easily for ex-servicemen and as a reason for such positions these professionals are given an upper hand. Moreover, it is believed that the element of respect which an ex-serviceman can bring to the table is hard to be managed by an individual with years of experience in the field of HR. However, there are some people who argue that Ex-servicemen should not enter the corporate sector as army and IT are two totally varied fields and hence ex-servicemen will find it tough to cope with the fresh training sessions. So, it completely depends on the individual to decide before applying for a managerial position available in the corporate sector.

Security Officers/Supervisors

Surely, these professionals after having serving the nation and the people by offering them security from foreign threats can very well pursue their retired life as Security officers or supervisors. The fundamental skills needed for this position involves providing guidance to the security guards in situations covering emergencies, ability to co-ordinate security training, work delegation and good communication ability. Several organizations operating in different sectors are quite particular about employing ex-servicemen for these posts.

Government Service 

Generally, when it comes to government service or ‘Sarkari Naukri’ in India, it is clearly specified that a certain percentage of positions are booked for ex-servicemen. So, after retiring from the nation’s defence, these professionals can try out their future in government service, either central or state. The central government offers a reservation of 10% for group C and 20% for group D positions during the government job notifications. Considering the state government, the reservation is primarily decided depending on the number of ex-servicemen living in the country. 

Resident Medical Doctors

Generally, institutions consider ex-servicemen for the residential medical doctor position with an aim to ensure that their members can be in constant medical examination. On this position, ex-servicemen will have to carry out medical tests on individuals during admission and should offer counselling from time to time so as to supervise the condition of the patients. 

Hostel Warden

It is important to know that, ex-servicemen have carried most part of their life in a disciplined routine. And with this fact, they can be easily appointed as hostel warden. It is believed that these professionals can keep a strict supervision on the students staying at the hostel and can very well ensure a disciplined environment. This is a primary reason why special importance is given to these professional for such posts.

Clerical Jobs

The defence has several job segments which also involves clerical jobs. Those individuals who have taken care of clerical job in the defence can search for a similar profession in the government and even private organizations. Nowadays, there are numerous job notifications for ex-servicemen in the newspapers and on online websites which can prove quite beneficial. 

Final Say

Hopefully all you ex servicemen know what to do what you are done with your period of service.

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