GMAT- All About Getting the Basics Right

GMAT- All About Getting the Basics Right
GMAT- All About Getting the Basics Right

      GMAT- All About Getting the Basics Right

In India, the CAT (Common Admission Test) is the main criteria for admission to the IIMs and other reputed B-schools. It is widely regarded as the toughest management entrance exam all across the globe. However, GMAT is the exam which is considered by business schools all over the world for active MBA admissions. One needs to know that, GMAT has a tougher verbal section compared to CAT. But candidates can be relaxed because the Quant section is much easier.

GMAT: Examination Format &Admission Requirements

GMAT question paper consists of 2 additional sections - Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing Assessment. For all the B-schools situated abroad, an individual’s overall profile majorly matters. It means, it includes GMAT along with past academics in addition to volunteering experience, work experience, internships, leadership experience, Letters of recommendation, essays etc. On a wider canvas, your total profile needs to be excellent.

Basic Methods for GMAT Preparation

If you wish to crack your GMAT attempt, then there are certain steps which should be planned for achieving satisfactory results. Some of them are:

Select an appropriate time to give the test

For every candidate it is important to know when he/she is ready to sit for the test. You need to figure out when you will have ample amount of time for preparation, especially if you are pursuing a full-time job and or any other commitments. A minimum duration of 3 months is needed for solid studying without any sort of distractions. Studying for GMAT is indeed stressful, so make sure that you stay away from an external busy schedule.


Select appropriate study materials

There is no need to grasp every prep book available in the market. Research it out to pick study material such as books and video lectures which offer exact information. One can also take the help of phone apps for preparing themselves for GMAT. 


Format and Structure Knowledge

  • The format on the GMAT paper doesn’t change so often, so you will save a lot of time in managing your preparation efforts. One needs to pay close attention to the format for learning about the data sufficiency section, as the type of questions mentioned under this category is a little different.  
  • Candidates must also consider the time limit on the GMAT which helps in managing the structure. You should plan out the time spent on each question, because the test is computer-adaptive and you can only view one question at a time. Be alert about the stated time you hold for answering questions in each section. Candidates need to train themselves while doing practice problems in order to push their efforts in completing a question under a self-set time span; probably within 2 minutes.


Spot Your Weaknesses

If you are not polished in math skills, or you do not have a fine knowledge of common idioms; weaknesses need to be accepted by the candidates and worked upon before it gets too late. Staying self-aware about topics which require extra attention will surely enhance your level of preparation. Try to attack your weaknesses by understanding the concepts using strategic methods.

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