Having a strong will power can take you places

Having a strong will power can take you places
Having a strong will power can take you places

          Having a strong will power can take you places

No one in this world is perfect. We all have our own imperfections that makes us unique. Some are talented in singing whereas some excel in dancing. This tells us that we all possess some unique features that makes us different from others. If you wish to start with something new or aim to excel in some field but lack in knowledge or strength then don't step back, these are the things which you can learn and practice to become better at it. However, both of these will be futile if you lack will. A strong will of a person has the capability to do the impossible even when they lack in knowledge and strength. Follow these points and success stories of some famous personalities to achieve what you wish to through sheer will power.

Never give up

The first and the foremost thing you should remember when aiming for something big is to never give up. Your journey to success will never be easy. You might have to face failures, make sacrifices, and need to compromise in every aspect of life but what will keep the journey going is how strongly you handle yourself. No matter what it takes or how hard it gets, never ever give up. The moment you give up is the moment you lose.
Huffington Post is one of the most recognizable and reputed name in the Publication industry. When the owner of Huffington post empire, Arianna Huffington went to various publishers to get her second book published, she was rejected each time. After all the rejections, she still didn't lose hope and kept on going. It took her 36 publisher rejections until it was accepted by a publisher and she became successful.

Trust your intuitions

It is really important to believe what your intuition has to say. When your mind is incapable of making a decision, follow your gut because it somehow knows what is right for you. Many renowned personalities had followed their intuition when they were in a mess and eventually it did lead them to a better place.
We all are aware of Steve Jobs, Former CEO and co-founder of Apple. What you will hear next will blow up your mind. Steve Jobs was thrown out from his own company Apple. When Apple's board of directors fired him from his company, he was completely broken and shattered. What makes his journey impressive is that he believed in himself. He made some phenomenal decisions and as a result he founded NeXT after the Apple debacle. NeXT was such a huge hit that Steve Jobs was re hired in Apple and NeXT got merged with Apple.

Hard work always pays off

It takes efforts, time and investment to reach up to your goal and achieve what you want to. Whatever you do, no matter how hard it is, give your 100%. The efforts you put in your work never get wasted, it always pays off in some form or the other. Either you learn a lesson or get one step closer to your goals but you will never regret investing your time and efforts into the work you love doing. Will power is easily manifested for the things you are passionate about.
There is no doubt that Walt Disney is one of the most creative personality of the 20th century. But before rising to fame, he had a very struggle filled life. He worked for a newspaper from where he was thrown out for lack of creativity. After being fired, he didn't lose hope and worked very hard which led him to form his first animation company called laugh-O-gram films. But due to lack of money and failure of the film, he was forced to close the company until he found his way in Hollywood where he made some classical films which became a huge hit and from there his magnificent career commenced.

Try something new

It is not necessary that whatever you start with will end up on a good note. Sometimes, your venture fails and that doesn't mean it's the end of your journey. Instead, it's a start of your journey where you move forward to trying something new with the past experience and lessons. Never fear trying something new as it open gates to new experiences and opportunities. Have the will and the courage to tread the unknown paths and discover something which no one ever has.
The world's richest personality, Bill Gates experienced a huge blow when his company called Traf-O-Data which processed and analyzed data from traffic tapes failed. Later, he partnered with Paul Allen to sell an idea but it failed too. After years of struggle, he again tried his luck by creating his first Microsoft product and the rest is history which we all have witnessed.

Never lose hope

Things will get rough in the beginning before it gets easy for you. One may not find success sooner but only a strong will and the ability to persist can take you far. The venture you invested in or the goals you had set may turn out to be bad for you. The only way to excel is to never lose hope and keep on trying until you achieve your feat.
Hershey’s chocolate is one of the most popular and mouth-watering chocolate syrup across the globe, but what took that syrup bottle to please everyone’s taste buds is rather surprising. Milton Hershey, the owner of Hershey started his career with candy production company, but failed miserably. He tried his luck the next time with a new company but couldn’t find any success there either. Third time too, he had to face disappointment. After three failures, he still didn't lose hope and this is a testimony of how strong his will is. His fourth venture, Lancaster caramel company turned out to be a hit after which he started with Hershey company making it a huge success worldwide.

Final Say

If you inculcate all these ingredients in your life, nobody can stop you from being successful.



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