How to Ace General Knowledge Section in Competitive Exams?

How to Ace General Knowledge Section in Competitive Exams?
How to Ace General Knowledge Section in Competitive Exams?

How to Ace General Knowledge Section in Competitive Exams?


Competitive exams are easy to crack if one knows the proper approach. Clearing general knowledge section is not a difficult task but because of some silly mistakes, students end up losing marks and thus it affects their overall result. One question that bothers every student appearing for the competitive exam is how to score well in the general knowledge section of the major competitive exams. It is a scoring section and with the right techniques, getting good marks is quite simple. To help students score good marks in the general knowledge section, we have provided some important points which can be extremely useful.

Dedication is the key

There is nothing in the world that one cannot achieve with proper dedication. The first step in the process of achieving good results in general knowledge section is to be dedicated to your exam preparations. There will be times when things may not go your way or you may find it very difficult to continue walking on the same path but to achieve great things one has to be patient and never lose their focus. Keep doing what you were doing and if you don’t get results then just change your approach but not your goal. If you wish to score good marks in the general knowledge section, then just give your 100% in preparation for the exam and see how things go your way while you appear for the exam. 

Stay away from distractions

There is no doubt in the fact that to achieve good results one may have to sacrifice many things. Your journey will be full of hardships but if you have invested your time and efforts with complete honesty then you are sure to receive the fruits of your hardships. Your friends may be going for a trip or your family maybe having a good weekend but you need to stay away from distractions for a small period of time and focus on your studies. You need to know that this phase will pass where you don’t wish to study anymore. Just don’t give up and stay away from these distractions for few months because once your exams get over, you can resume with doing what you enjoy. 

Read your questions twice

Sometimes the question paper that may look easy may actually not be. The examiners who set the questions for these type of competitive exams try to trick the students by framing the question in an easy way but the actual solution to it may be different or a bit complicated. When appearing for competitive exams, your study and question solving approach should be different from your college or school exams. The questions in the competitive exams will be tricky and you may even come across questions which are extremely difficult. So before solving a question, read it twice to make sure you have not missed out anything. This simple method will earn you a lot of marks. 

Don't panic

It is possible that you won’t get a correct answer straight away and even after you are aware of the fact that it isn’t the right answer, you may end up getting the same solution even after multiple attempts. In such situations, stay calm and move on to other questions. You can solve the leftover questions at the end. But if you keep focusing on the same question that you can’t find the answer to, you may end up losing time. Don’t panic even when you can’t find answers as it will cause you harm your ability to focus on questions that you know. Just solve each question patiently so as not to lose confidence and quickly answer the questions which you know the answers to. 

Allot the time properly

Time is the most important factor when solving a question paper, especially of general knowledge. All the efforts that you put in for the exams will be tested in that time frame. Exam time if not utilized effectively can lead to incompletion of the paper and thus you may end up losing a lot of marks. So to prevent losing marks, one must allot time properly to each section. It is not necessary that every section should be allotted equal time as you may be quicker in some section whereas it may take more time to solve other sections. For example, you are thorough with logical reasoning and it will take only 20 minutes to solve that section whereas in the general knowledge section, you may need 30-40 minutes. Thus, allot the time accordingly to each section so that you solve the question paper in the given time frame.

Use right study material

Nothing could be worse than having studied from the wrong study material. All of your efforts will go in vain if you are moving in a wrong direction. There is nothing more important than having the right studying material for your exams. One has to follow a process in determining the right study material for each competitive exam. The first step of the process is find out the topics that should be covered under general knowledge examinations. Once you have figured out the topics to be covered, the next step is to look for the books that consist of all the required topic. If you don’t find all the necessary topics in any one book, then look for the books that covers missing topics. Doing so will ensure that you have all the required study material and you can start with your preparations. 

The final word

If you follow these tips properly and adhere to them in a rightful manner, good marks in the general knowledge section is guaranteed. It will also positively affect your overall result and marks for that particular competitive exam. Although following all these tips together is extremely difficult, with the right approach and plan, you can focus on all the aspects and ace the general knowledge section of your competitive exams.