Make Your Expressions Stronger for Getting Efforts Acknowledged

 Make Your Expressions Stronger for Getting Efforts Acknowledged
Make Your Expressions Stronger for Getting Efforts Acknowledged

        Make Your Expressions Stronger for Getting Efforts Acknowledged

Our lives are surrounded in a world where every information can be transferred in less than one secondand as a result it is natural to be afraid of judgement and to measure every word so as to stay away from trouble. For an individual it is important to express his/her say in a manner which ends up to be fruitful. A single wrong word might ruin a relationship both in personal or professional life. In the present scenario, people are not able to express themselves in a clear manner which leads to loss of effort which they have put in their work. If you ask something to a group of people, almost all of them will give you a similar answer or will tell you something that they don’t exactly know. Expressing a personal opinion is a critical matter and most of us are often clueless about the correct approach. There are certain points which should be taken into consideration before addressing your thoughts in a precise and effective manner.

Overcome Fear of Judgement

The crushing fear of judgement is slowly spreading among all of us, but it is barely noticeable. The conversations at work or at college are centered to useless gossip that we believe that we are imparting opinions, but in reality we are not. Real conversations are indeed the tough ones. When such intense conversations kick start and you try to express your opinion on any deep topic, you might end up having bitter specimen around. Not everyonepossess the same point of view, nor we can cherish. But this doesn’t mean you transform into a bad person if you enter an argument with someone on something worth debating.

Personal Development

Stating our own opinions is a needed step when we focus on personal development. Staying shut or curbing your thoughts is a bad practice which would surely hamper your efforts. Be it students or employees, we cannot really say we have grown up until we build the confidence to publicly state and safeguard our ideas. All of us have the right to state their own personal opinion on any subject, but expressing it in the right way is a practice which develops with time.

Advantages of Expressing Your Thoughts

Better Self Understanding

 We often believe to possess strong ideas that cannot be proven to be false. The most effective way to check whether it is true or not is through expression. It is simple to hold an idea in our mind, but it is not the same when you try to express it in a proper way and also to defend it with logical arguments. When you speak aloud what you think, then you obviously have to make an extra effort to defend your point from the opinions of other people.This offers you a very good chance to go deep inside your mind and try to understand yourself in a better way.

More Confidence

It depends on an individual to be shy forever or just be active to state his/her point of view, no matter how wrong it turns out to be. Only by entering into an important conversation you will get to increase your self-confidence and realize you are worth as much as others are.

Broaden Your Mind

If you never express your opinion, you will always have a misconception that you are right. Everyone needs to face a tough discussion so as to learn and also change their minds at some point. Be open to share your opinion and accept that your viewpoint is not always the best one. As an individual, one needs to be ready to listen what other people have to say and take out the best out of every discussion.

Prime Factors While Expressing your Idea


Most people might not consider posture as a significant aspect while addressing an individual or a group of people, but gaining a composure while presenting yourself in front of an audience is quite important. One needs to keep in mind, while standing you need tostay erect and not stiff. Suppose you are on a podium, do not try to lean on it. Moreover, you need to keep the pace of your words decent, or else it appears quite distracting. It is acceptable to walk or change your location until and unless your rate of speech isn’t hampered. If there is a table or desk in the surrounding, it is recommended that you do not lean or sit on the edge of it.


Gestures are always crucial when speaking to reinforce your words. But people must understand that constant waving of the hands or arms is not correct. It will make you appear too theatrical, and the audience might soon find it annoying. Use your gestures while you are stating a major point, but overdoing it will make your words ineffective.

Facial Expressions

One must also follow the use of appropriate and convenient facial expressions. Your changing facial movements is a form of gesturing. Being friendly and warm is important, but as you deliver, it is fair to look serious when you are speaking about intense issues. Make sure you do not confuse your audience with contradicting facial expressions in regard to your content.

Eye Contact

Making an eye contact with your audience is very important. In any form of personal communication, retaining an eye contact with the people whom you are addressing will keep them engaged and indicate that you care. It doesn’t matter you are speaking to a room with 100 people or to a single person in a job interview, always keep your focus on the person in front of you. If you do not follow this movement, it will portray you as unsure. This takes practice and many people tumble in the start. Do not take the help of note cards or writing sheets. Be sure about your content and impart it with confidence.

Final Say

Hopefully with the tips above you’ll be able to overcome your fears and express yourself better. 

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