Measure your success with progress tools and improve yourself

Measure your success with progress tools and improve yourself
Measure your success with progress tools and improve yourself

          Measure your success with progress tools and improve yourself

Being successful in life is a big achievement and not everyone can touch that peak. How well you perform or dedicate yourself to the task will decide whether you will be successful or not. The definition of success differs from person to person as the goals of each individual is different and the ways to achieve it differs too. We bring you the ways to measure success which will help you evaluate your performance and strategy to become better. Unless you measure your performance while doing things, you won't be able to know how efficiently you are doing it or whether there is any scope for improvement.

Write down your goals

The first step before embarking on your journey is to write down your goals or outcome you intend to achieve. Doing so will help you get a better perspective of your vision and the ways to achieve it. Set your initial goals as per your capability and then set the bar higher as you begin to become good in it. Setting unattainable or unrealistic targets will demotivate you if you do not achieve the expected results. Taking advice from someone who has already achieved great things in that field for a long time will help you to prevent some mistakes and formulate a proper plan to achieve your goal.

Set a performance benchmark

After writing down your goals or vision, your next step is to set a performance benchmark that will be considered as a standard to achieve the required result in a particular time frame. Say for example, you can use a calendar to analyze your progress report of each passing days or months. With the help of such initiatives, you will get to understand the graph of your performance. While setting up performance benchmark, make sure that you leave some empty space where you can write about your actual performance in the task or venture.

Compare and reset your performance benchmarks

Comparing your actual performance with your set performance benchmark will give you a better perspective of what should be changed, where you lack in performance and what extra measures should be taken into consideration to enhance your performance. It tells you about the things preventing you to achieve that performance standard. After you have compared your actual performance, resetting your performance benchmark will give you a chance to meet the performance standard and as you progress you can push the performance standard to a higher level.

Accept your weak points

It’s not possible to have the same standard of performance throughout your journey. You will have your own share of good days and bad days. Sometimes you may cheat with yourself in order to avoid certain circumstances or it might also happen due to frustration. Accepting your weak points will only help you grow as being aware of your weak points, you can try to overcome it by focusing more on those areas thus leading to better performance in that particular task. Analyzing your weak points will highlight the reasons behind the failure of the task or weak performance.

Living up to your values

Values play an important role in determining the success of the job or the journey. One can set certain values for himself and try to live up to that values. For example, if staying positive during hard times or talking decently with everyone when not in a good mood are the values you want to adopt or live by, then write down those values and focus more on it in your day to day life. The plus point of adopting such values is that it helps you to focus more on the job by putting in extra dedication and efforts which will give you positive results.

Focus on your manners

When you intend to achieve something it’s important to consider the manner in which you did things to reach for your goals. Manners determine whether you are worthy of the position you wish to achieve or you have achieved. Being arrogant with your colleagues or having an egoistic nature always leads to an unpleasant atmosphere in your personal as well as professional life. How gracefully you handle failure as well as success will determine your future progress to a large extent. Good manners will not only boost your performance but will also add up to your success rate.

Calm yourself during tough times

There will be days where you will be at the peak of your career as well as performance and then will be days where the luck or situation won’t favor you. During tough times, it's important to calm yourself from all the stress surrounding you. If you divert your attention to something better or reduce efforts towards achieving your goals during such difficult situations, it doesn’t mean that you are not succeeding or not focused towards your success. Sometimes you need to concentrate more on yourself and the ways to improve the situation so as to come back in a better position to continue your journey towards your goals.

Evaluate and identify the roles you play

In our day to day life, we play different roles that define us and the work we do. Let's take an example, a married man plays the role of the husband as well as the role of father to their children. But he also plays a role of son to his parents and brother to his siblings. In this case how well he manages to play all the roles without disappointing anyone tells how successful he is or can be. You can also ask opinions from others about your performance and how well the role you played. Evaluating and identifying the roles you play will tell you how successful you are.

Final say

It is highly important that you keep measuring your performance and take steps to improve upon your overall growth rate. If you want to succeed in life, you constantly need to evaluate your progress and keep doing what works while negating what doesn't


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