NDA Entrance Exams- All about disciplined determination

NDA Entrance Exams- All about disciplined determination
NDA Entrance Exams- All about disciplined determination

       NDA Entrance Exams- All about disciplined determination

NDA entrance exam is conducted twice a year in India which gives an opportunity to the aspiring candidates to join the defence services. The months of April and August are designated for the examination which is basically the first hurdle to reach the prestigious platform.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates should know that, an SSB interview is the next stage which is followed by a medical board that will lead to the portals of National Defence Academy/Naval Academy. The eligibility for the course in all across India is Class 12 pass. Students appearing for various college exams can also apply for the entrance test. However, candidates who apply for the entrance after 12th get the benefit of conserving a year.
  • It should be known that, NDA holds an inclination for students in the science stream with the presence of physics, mathematics and chemistry. The entrance test does involve an entire mathematics paper weighing 300 marks. Apart from this, other sections covered in the NDA exam includes economics, geography, history and English. 

Preparation Tactics

 Candidates need to follow a specific strategy in order to crack the NDA entrance exam. Apart from hard work and precise time management one also needs to evolve disciplined determination. Here are some pointers which should be stressed while preparing for the entrance test.

 Polish your basics

Students should note that, the social science topics covered in X standard must be revised. You need to take out time and polish your X standard textbooks with prime focus on subjects like history and geography. Basics are very important in order to proceed in the NDA entrance exam.


Enhanced General Knowledge

Candidates aiming to sit for the Indian defence entrance should make it a habit of reading the newspaper on a regular basis. But such a practice might be hard to follow by most of the students. As an alternative, you can pick up a copy of any authentic yearbook that covers general areas such as international politics, sports, popular authors and books. Moreover, one can also buy a monthly current affairs digest for advancing their general knowledge. Do not crash on general awareness topics right before the exam. You need to give time by classifying information into different categories. Economics, history and civics are the prime segments which can be created to store data.

Improvement in English

In the NDA entrance exam, the English section covers 200 marks, which need not be taken lightly. Students shouldn’t panic as a regular reading routine can help them score well. Make sure that you stress on certain specific areas while preparing for English. Some of the focused areas include correct usage, subject-verb relationship, prepositions and tenses. Candidates must also train themselves in identifying various grammatical errors. Questions based on error finding and un-jumbling are frequently present in the exam paper.



The mathematics syllabus includes Arithmetic, Mensuration, Geometry, Algebra,Trigonometry as well as Statistics. The main motive of this section is to examine your conceptual understanding. Candidates must work on clearing their fundamental concepts while preparing for the exam. Apart from this, you need to develop speed solving techniques which prove beneficial in tackling this section that includes 120 questions. Always remember that, algebra and geometry are termed as high scoring. Just keep your basics correct.

Confident Interview Mode

The interview phase is divided into two sections. Candidates are analyzed on the first day of the five-day programme and the tough ones who survive are pushed forward for further proceedings. Personality traits like social intelligence, social adaptability and sense of responsibility can always work in favor for you. Make sure you are confident and determined towards your goal which is very important.

Sensible Practice

Practice indeed makes you perfect and this fact cannot be denied. There are numerous tests under SSB which are supremely sophisticated and tough to crack. However, practicing on psychological tests such Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Word Association Test (WAT), Self Description (SD) and Situation Reaction Test (SRT) does help you improve your thinking abilities.

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