Ways to Prepare for Civil Services

Ways to Prepare for Civil Services
Ways to Prepare for Civil Services

                   Ways to Prepare for Civil Services

The civil service system is regarded as the spine of the administrative machinery of any country. As per the statistics of 2010, in India there are 6.4 million government workers along with 50,000 civil servants to supervise their work. Every year numerous candidates prepare for civil service exams as it is regarded as a safe and flourishing sector which offers high level of job security.  


Under official terms it is called the Civil Services Exam (CSE), popularly known as IAS exam. This exam is conducted on an annual basis by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). It is an excellent opportunity for focused aspirants who dream of becoming an IAS Officer. But the path is tough and requires serious practice and determination. One need to acquire the right attitude and approach combined with appropriate guidance to crack this test.

Examination Levels

Aspirants must be familiar with the exact pattern of the examination. The UPSC CSE comprises of 3 stages which are Preliminary Exam, Mains Exam and at last the Personality Test/Interview.

The Prelims exam majorly consists of objective type questions, whereas, the mains are mainly concerned with descriptive and essay type arguments. There are certain methods which needs to be planned and followed if you are aiming to appear for UPSC 2016 exams.

Demanding nature of IAS preparation

One shouldn’t forget the fact that IAS is the nation’s toughest competitive exam and demands serious preparation along with rigorous practice. Moreover, there isn’t any generalized format or answer for the frequently asked questions. It depends from person to person as to how many hours he/she puts in every day.

Ample Preparation Time

It is important to note that a minimum of 10-­12 months of advanced preparation is surely required. This exam isn’t a form of rocket science, but hard work and time is the key. A slow and delayed preparation is counted as no preparation at all. According to stats, only 5% of the total aspirants get to clear this exam who actually put an effective and ideal number of preparation hours every day. Target at least two subjects a day for entering a stress-free preparation routine. It is also very important to take short breaks in between and seek the right coaching, study material as well as motivational sources that will help in your road to success.

 Highlight the Syllabus and Frame Your Preparation

It is very important to break your IAS syllabus into small components. Give yourself time to figure out which topics are your strength and what topics require extra efforts. Follow this method for all of the stated subjects which are part of the exam. This is a wonderful confidence building exercise that must be planned by every candidate preparing for the civil service exams.

Contribution towards Profession (Personality Test)

The final stage of the examination is the personality test which is equally important as compared to the written exams. After becoming an IAS officer you will be placed among the nation’s finest professionals. You need to prove your caliber and work on the changes which you can impose. Your level of contribution should set you apart, as it will offer an edge over other candidates present in the interview round.



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